The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, January 21, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Looks Promising
After the spectacular work between the uprights in the game against the New York Giants here on Saturday afternoon, Finneran, the new Bethlehem goalie here for a trial, faced a veritable bombardment and if his work in that game is a standard of what may be expected, the local booters have captured a star in the rough. Finneran impressed with his daring and reckless handling of shots and at the same time his cool and deliberate clearing when danger threatened. For a player whose experience has been decidedly limited, the young giant did exceptionally well and with development certain and playing with a team of veterans, he should improve rapidly.

Rough on Goalies
Bethlehem has not fared any too well with its goalies this year. In fact the position was a bone of contention almost since the start of the season and in fact ever since the tail end of last season. It is recalled that Bethlehem lost a chance to annex the American Soccer League championship last year when Dave Edwards was on the shelf with injury and Bethlehem's victory over Boston in the semi-final was thrown out on the technicality of playing an unsigned goalie. The aspect loomed bright when Edwards reported physically fit and ready to go at the start of the present season but it was not long before the club was in a severe predicament when Edwards jumped the team to play with New Bedford. McClure, one time New York Giant goalie, was idling around New York and was hustled here to take the job. He was singed and proved quite capable in several games when a fractured thumb received in a game put him on the shelf with the flock of crippled regulars. And now it looks as if Finneran may be lost for some time. Injured ribs received in a collision with Bob Millar in the Giants game at New York on Sunday afternoon threaten to temporarily interrupt his career.

A Settlement
Intimating in these columns some time ago that a settlement between the warring soccer factions was rapidly reaching a climax, is now given credence in the report that "Bill" Cunningham, president of the American Soccer League, was in New York last night and a conference was likely with Armstrong Patterson, president of the United States Football Association. The latter came on from his home in Detroit and if not mistaken, at the solicitation of the outlawed moguls. For some time there has been an undercurrent of activity in trying to effect a reconciliation in which it is whispered that overtures to effect peace were most pronounced on the part of the American Soccer League. If relations are again amicably adjusted the regulations set down for reinstatement of the outlawed clubs will no doubt be stringent.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club