The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, February 18, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Big League Timber
Soccer fans who journeyed to North Bethlehem Saturday afternoon to witness Bethlehem defeat Walsh-Chevrolet of Fall River in the second round of the National Challenge Cup competition were treated to some good ball in spite of the fact that one of America's major elevens was opposing an amateur aggregation. However, be that as it may, the locals demonstrated their superiority and might have done it by a greater margin -- if was Walsh-Chevrolet hadn't had such a good goalie. Fans have seen many goal tenders that were sensational, such as Duncan, Kerr and others, but this lad was just as good. Time and again Archie Stark, one of professional soccer's premier center forwards, would drive for the goal. The wingmen and inside men took their turns at difficult angles and this lad with all of his 18 years would meet everyone and best of all he handled the ball adeptly. Bethlehem's only tally in the first half came as a result of a diverted shot after a corner kick. The writer could type pages in commenting on the merits of the lad, just out of Fall River High School, but deems it best to conclude with a mild prophesy that big time soccer will hear more from the name Reder in years to come.

Cup Survivors
Three of the four survivors for the semi-final round in the National Challenge Cup competition in the East were determined over the weekend and speculative interest is prevalent in the draw of the next round. Bethlehem, Hakoah All Stars and Portuguese F. C. of Newark, are the surviving members determined thus far and the fourth most likely the New York Giants, will be determined after the Gotham booters meet Trenton F. C. in the second round game set aside until next Sunday. If Bethlehem is drawn to meet Portuguese, this city is most certain to have a representative in the Eastern final. On the other hand, if it's the New York Giants or the Hakoah All-Stars, Bethlehem will have a hard game against either of the opponents. Insofar as wins are concerned, Bethlehem has the edge on both New York rivals but league wins seldom mean anything when cup laurels are at stake.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club