The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Saturday, March 23, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

“New Bedford’s move is soccer suicide to the American League. Timed as it was and coming as it does on the heels of a long drawn out fight, it is a serious blow to the American League. That cannot be denied.” Is this phrase, an excerpt of a statement issued from the office of Bill Cunningham, president of the American League, an acknowledgement that the rebellious circuit is tottering and complete capitulation threatened? IF not, soccer men will certainly view it as an inference that most anything can be expected. Insofar as soccer suicide is concerned the National Association is gradually gaining its point in restoring the waging warfare to a normal condition and when everything is probably said and done it will be the rebellious outfit alone to be the loser. The Eastern League is riding pretty. Teams are able to meet their expenses and not any of the clubs are known to be on the verge of bankruptcy.

Speed Action is Necessary
Armstrong Patterson, president of the U. S. F. A., hastened on from Detroit to preside in the action taken in reinstating New Bedford in New York City the other night. This same Mr. Patterson has other business interest in Detroit that necessitate his immediate attention and his visit East certainly cannot be prolonged indefinitely. Therefore if any further steps in effecting a reconciliation are to take place during the present visit there may be some more startling developments in the very near future.

Sentiment in Fall River
While Sam Marks, major domo of the Fall River contingent in the rebelling ranks, has been decidedly active in the controversy, it is apparent that sentiment in the home town of the Marksmen is not entirely in accord with the attitude of Samuel. And perhaps he, too, has altered his views considerably within the last few days. This assertion is made on the presumption that “A Soccer Fan,” addressing a post card to the local management, in expressing the sentiment of the rank and file of soccer enthusiasts, described it in the following briefly penned lines: “There’s a crowd of 10,000 eager fans awaiting to see Fall River play Bethlehem and Hakoah All-Stars.” The interest in the New York and New England district is quite evident by the above lines which involve two representative clubs of the Eastern League. To those familiar with attendances as crowds go in Bethlehem this number might seem greatly exaggerated. But anyone who ever accompanied the Bethlehem team to Fall River for a game is quite aware that the crowds soar high into the thousands.

Fined, Suspended and Transferred
One can only conjecture as to what is likely to happen when action is taken on the application from reinstatement of Dave Edwards and Willie and Jim Barrie, the trio of players who jumped Bethlehem to play at New Bedford and have since jumped right out of a steady job when New Bedford was reinstated. If the National Association adheres to its announced policy but three things can happen: Fined, suspended and transferred. It is definitely established that not any of these three players will again wear the uniform of the Bethlehem team. Insofar as fines are concerned if the rate is based at $50 per game, each will have a tremendous amount to play before eligible for transfer. New Bedford, it is understood, is anxious to retain the trio but at wages similar to those they received before leaving Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club