The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, September 11, 1928
Boys to be Barred from Covered Stands Unless Accompanied by Adults

The Bethlehem boosters held an enthusiastic meeting at the Hotel Bethlehem last evening and among other things made several suggestions which will lend to the comfort and convenience of the patrons and which will be enforced by the management.

Recently complaints have been made that the youngsters in the covered stands annoy the fans by continuously running back and forth. To eliminate this in the future the youngsters will be barred from admission to the stands unless accompanied by their parents.

The boosters also suggested that the playing field be kept free of spectators, especially during the intermission between halves when some of the older boys rush out on the field and monopolize the playing pitch by kicking around a ball. This, too, will be prohibited in the future.

Most interesting of the long meeting were the plans suggested to boost the patronage. The attendance thus far has shown an increase over last year, but efforts will be made to better it.

One of the suggestions that mete with immediate favor was that every soccer fan try and interest one or two of his friends in the sport and bring them along to a game.

It was expected that the reports on the sale of season tickets could be definitely ascertained but for some reason or other there has been some delay in making the returns. At a meeting held during the winter the sale of one thousand tickets was pledged. While no official tabulation can yet be made on the sale of tickets, it is doubtful if the halfway mark has been reached. It is probable that after some of the service clubs and the Chamber of Commerce make their report the outlook will be more encouraging.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club